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We offer a complete range of Home and Life Management services to help you achieve the results you’re after. After our assessment, we can go over your specific needs or concerns and collaborate to establish an action plan which will be most helpful to you. Since everybody’s situation is different, we personalize each service to fit your individual needs.

TBI Services

Providing support and assistance to those with traumatic brain injuries. Personalized Support Services offers trained TBI Direct Support Providers and is a New Jersey TBIF approved vendor. Please contact us for more information.

AIP Services

These services are specially formulated to support those who choose to live in their own home, rather than relocate to an assisted living situation as they age. PSS supports their right to be safe, independent, and comfortable, within their home and community, regardless of age, income, or ability level.
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Personalized Management Plan

Simplify and enrich your life with our Personal Assistant Service. This service has proven to be a valuable lifestyle resource. Our Personal Assistant Service begins with a thorough interview to provide your Assistant with an detailed understanding of your requirements. Our specialists gain familiarity with you and your short and long-term needs.

Home Organization

Helping with the implementation of organizational systems throughout the home in order to simplify all of your day to day tasks. Includes cabinets, closets, garage, basement, drawers, and more.


Virtual or In Person Non-medical care. We offer supervision, and socialization to ensure safety and enhance quality of life. Taking a walk, playing games, baking, conversation, reminders of daily living activities, and more.

Cooking & Nutrition

Planning meals based upon individual preferences. Preparing meals. Keeping the refrigerator and pantry clean, organized and well-stocked. Grocery shopping for/or with you. Coordinating home meal delivery services, and more.

Appointment Accompaniment

Pickup and escort to and from medical, dental, and personal appointments. Additional assistance, such as note-taking, is available.

Moving and Clean Out Services

With a team dedicated to property clean outs and safe, effective and discrete hoarding cleanup services throughout NewJersey. Safely and efficiently restoring property to its previous condition can be a difficult task. Our cleanup services help relieve the burden for family, friends and everyone involved in the situation. We are very sensitive, understanding, and compassionate at the cleanout location. Our staff understands the shock and grief those involved may be feeling, and our team responds with respect, discretion and genuine concern. Easing both the mental and physical burdens of a hoarding cleanup, we are proud to partner with those in need of compassionate, skilled property restoration. Our team trims bushes and trees, removes debris and reseeds, rakes and bags leaves, and more. Help with: minor home repairs, deck maintenance, power washing, gutter cleaning, fence repairs, assembly of furniture, hanging pictures, packing and moving services and MORE! Just ask. If you need help with a service we cannot provide, we can assist you in finding the right Contractor for the job.

Administrative Assistant

Includes sorting, reading & filing mail. Management of bills. Calendar management. Scheduling of appointments Help with technology; i.e. phones and computers.

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To book a service, please call (424) 777-2824, or
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A portion of each dollar we earn goes towards our Support Voucher Program. We are very passionate about giving back and helping others.

Our Support Voucher Program provides essential service scholarships for those who need the help the most, cannot afford it, and may not qualify for other forms of assistance.

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